Found 8th Apr 2007
I remember a while back on here there was a thread on anti virus packages but cant find it,

can anyone say which one is the best, i know AVG is good, my friend has got a comp but she now has a virus or whatever from Msn and it always shuts msn down and her comp.

anyone got any links to a really good free virus detection package.



there is lots of free software here including antivirus and spyware and even firewalls.



I downloaded AVG a few months ago because I didnt want to pay to renew my other subscription. Ive had no problems since. My Dad even downloaded it last week - and he is really fussy.

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yeh but the main version (full) you have to pay for now tho

My friend on msn is getting downloadable trojans, it keeps popping up when im speaking to her "do you accept this photo album, click here to download"....which is a trojan as i know she wasnt sending anything to me

download avg anti-spyware for free and get the full version on a free trial. it removed a couple of nasty things many other programs missed

Saxo :- Here are some suggestions with Free AV




Im also on msn alot and have no problems with trojans.

I also run adaware every so often.

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is that the version you have to pay for Prissymiss


no, both are the free ones

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ok cool

cuddlyhippo off ebay has a good ME page with all antivirus etc.

It lists most of the good free ones

just put cuddly hippo into google

i run AOL ACTIVE VIRUS SHIELD powerd by KASPERSKY its free for one year. and SYGATE firewall [had install trouble with latest Zonealarm firewall]. I agree with Jeannie_B about cuddly hippo and her tips :thumbsup: you can also install AOL SECURITY MONITOR for free as well its handy at telling you where to improve your cover on your computer:)


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