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Posted 24th Jun 2022
Hi guys. Which free antivirus would you recommend for my new Vivobook laptop with Win 10?
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    windows defender
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    I believe Barclays and NatWest offer free malware protection using malware bytes pro
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    Traditional viruses aren't as prevalent as they used to be. The most common sort of attack now is Malware, ransomeware, online insertion and infection from drive websites and root kits. There is also the old email scams and fishing.

    Whilst you do need some sort of anti virus protection. Anti malware is probably more important. As everyone else has said above, windows defender for basic anti virus. Of course you can install any of the free anti virus programs like AVG, AVIRA, AVAST etc etc. But you will get lots of pop-up adverts prompting you to upgrade to the full version or one of their others apps or services, which you won't get with Windows defender.

    Personally I like to have malwarebytes and "spybot search and destroy" installed. Don't forget to update and use the immunisation function in spybot.

    I would not recommend using either Norton or kaspersky. (edited)
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    It's already built in
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    That was easy
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    Standard solution integral to Windoze. Combine with decent browser adblockers such as "uBlock Origin", or the integral adblockers offered by browsers Opera, Epic, etc.
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    If antivirus is all you need then defender is a reasonable option.

    Antivirus is just a small part of the defences needed by both technically and non technically competent people. Whenever you hear words to the effect '.....Defender is all you need.', do look on that self appointed sage in the same way as you would someone who advises you that a Fairy godmother is all you need to go through life untroubled by any nastiness.
    I doubt the OP cares to hear anything other than the answer to his question. Windows Defender is the best tool, it's free, it's already installed and saves the headaches of trying to source a third party solution. No tech savvy person would ask for technical solutions on a deals forum - they would ask on the relevant technical forum...
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    Just use the built in Windows Defender - anything else is just bloatware...
    Even Computeractive magazine rate it high!
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