Best Free Internet Firewall

    Can anyone suggest a decent free firewall, as my mcafee one is due to expire in the next couple of days?




    Aggie (usually found in the comp section of HUKD) has made a list of all the free protection stuff (firewalls, anit-spam etc) and how good they are.

    I use zone alarm free version, had no probs. also back it up with avg free antivirus and the avg antispyware's worth the money. keeps everything clean! hope it helps!…GB&

    AVG is excellent and the support they give is second to none


    AVG firewall isnt free is it?

    I used to use zonealarm free version but found comodo superior.

    Hmm.. I use ZoneAlarm for a firewall, AVG for Virus, and SpyBot for Spyware

    Comodo is by the far the best free firewall you can get. I used to be a ZoneAlarm fan but I found that recent versions cause a lot of conflicts with other programs but Comodo is spot-on.

    Zone Alarm



    Zone Alarm

    Give comodo a go. You wont look back.
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