Best free Mac OSX Dvd / cd burner software?

Found 29th Aug 2010
As title. Would like to know the best free one to use.

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The inbuilt one?

The inbuilt one?

sorry it is no good at all i dont think tbh..

sorry it is no good at all i dont think tbh..

I never had any problems with it though I predominantly used Toast in my time.
Free Mac Burner Software

BurnX – Free Mac Burner Software

Disk Burner – Free Mac CD / DVD Burning Software

Burn – Free Mac OSX Burning Software (Open Source)

LiquidCD - Free Mac Burning Software

Express Burn – Free Mac CD burning program

Firestarter FX – Free Mac Burning Application

SimplyBurns – Free Simple Mac Burning Software…sx/

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HI Iain

To be honest with you i don't know, i'm windows. You could just try them all

All depends on what you are burning tbh.

I use Toast/Burn/LiquidCD/iTunes/VisualHub and Disc Utility

Burn is very good for games burning (PS2, Wii, 360 etc) you need to do it at slow speed though! Just because your superdrive is 16x doesn't mean you need to burn at that, for Burn I use 2x.

For music just use iTunes, and I don't burn video sadly, as I stream it to my TV using Twonky Media Server, but I used to convert to DVD using VisualHub and then burn using Disc Utility..

enjoi =)
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