Best Free Prepaid Debit/Credit Card ?

Found 13th Jul
As per the title, I'm interested to know if there is a reputable prepaid credit/debit card which doesn't have a monthly fee attached ?

I only want one so that I can link it to my Google account, as I don't want to use my proper card..
Unfortunately Google Family requires a card to be linked, which is then a shared payment method for all the family, so I figured a prepay card with a small amount loaded may be a good workaround.

Any recommendations ? - Doesn't even need to be a physical card.
I looked at Revolut which seem to provide a 'virtual' card but then I saw a lot of bad feedback regarding their service.
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I have used revolut for the past two years without a problem in a few different country’s
With Revolut you do need to top it up before you get your virtual card number. But can transfer the money back after
I have stopped using Revolut since I switched to Starling.
thanks, Starling looks quite good.. might give that a try.
If you have an account, Paypal offer a Mastercard linked to your account balance,
Another vote for revolut, use it mainly when I'm away, but also works here without issues too.
revolut....discussion over
Revolut or starling. Both are brill. And I have and use both.
Starling, very easy to set up and use
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