Posted 27th Nov 2022
Due to sky being so expensive - what is the best box to record TV for a decent price
Thanks in advance
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    Not sure if this falls into the 'decent price' category, but I have one of these and it works pretty well and if you read the reviews you'll see quite a few people switching to it from Sky/Virgin media.

    Manhattan T3-R Freeview Play 4K Smart Recorder 500GB : Electronics & Photo

    There's also a 1TB version (but it's currently out of stock on Amazon).

    My only real gripe with this box is that it only has a limited number of streaming services/apps on it at present - so no Netflix or Disney+ so I still have to resort to a separate dongle for that. It does have the mainstream UK catchup services though, such as iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play etc.
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    Just wondering if anyone can clear something up to me. I have a new LG TV that has a Aerial Tuner I can only record and watch the same channel. On my older Youview Humax box I have 1 Aerial tune and can record 2 and watch anothter. As they are both the same setup in the fact they Aerial goes into the Aerial In slot what makes the Humax able to record and watch different channels at the same time?
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    There will be more than one tuner in the Humax - you used to see Freeview boxes that had a small loop cable at the back, as both tuners needed an aerial input. Likely moved on now ot be internal.
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    Get a youview box of Facebook. Free sometimes or should not be anymore than £20.
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    Humax used to be really good but like everything else their quality and reliability has gone down hill.
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    Get yourself one of the BT YouView Pro boxes from CeX with a 2 Year warranty. They work even if you're not with BT. That's probably the very best bit of hardware at the moment.

    Other options would be the Manhattan T3-R Which is Freeview Play rather than YouView. Software not quite as good imo but still does the job quite well.
    • BT TV Box Pro is only compatible with Smart Hub or Smart Hub 2 – if you don’t already have a Smart Hub, we’ll send you one with the box.

    Have you got one because this is conflicting? I'm tempted to get one but i'm on vodafone
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    I've got an old BT-T2100 Youview box, got it bundled with broadband deal, but they're cheap second hand and worth considering.

    If you want something more flexible, a dual tuner (dvb-s, or dvb-t if you prefer) box that runs Enigma2 might be worth considering although it does take some setting up. You'd need a reasonably fast model and some have better software support than others, so would need to do some research. The main advantage is while they can decode the freeview/freesat programme guides, as they aren't freeview or freesat compliant they don't encrypt recordings so you can download or stream them on your other devices, they'll also let you add channels omitted from the guide. My brother also had his dual satellite tuner box working with a USB dvb-t tuner for a while. (edited)
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    Still using our Foxsat-HDR with the custom firmware, not put a foot wrong in 10 years..
    I'm still using one of these too. But its Freesat not Freeview.
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    I have a Humax unit which is pretty good, you can get some refurb ones directly from them too.
    They all seem pretty good.
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