Best Frozen Chips In An Air Fryer?

Posted 16th Nov 2020
Anyone any recommendations for Frozen Chips that cook well in an Air Fryer?

In my previous fryer Aunt Bessies Homestyle Crinkle Cut Chips cooked really well, but not so well in the Instant Pot I have got to replace my old one.

Anyone any recommendations for Frozen Chips that turn out well in an Air Fryer and temps and timing to cook them at, thought about the McCain Naked ones as seem generally well reviewed.

p.s. I do cook my own as well, just easier sometimes to cook some out the freezer without the hassle.
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    Albert Bartlett Rooster fries - definitely the best. 190c about 14 mins
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    I love the McCain skinny fries, about 12 mins at 180 I think. Else curly fries..... Saying that waitrose sweet potatoe fries are also good but take a little longer
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    I use Asda chips, 160deg for 20min.
    Tastes banging
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    Waitrose essential
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    Lidl Homestyle chips. 200C for around 20-25 mins. But honestly times vary too much depending on how many you put in, are all the chips uniform size, how much you open it up to shake them or look at them etc etc. The black bag Deluxe triple cooked are also nice, though take around 30-35 mins.

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    People have different tastes so best trying a few and see what you prefer , Aldi do some good Home Style ones. Do like my own though ,cut as normal , then stir in a like stock cube and a few squirts of vegetable oil. Through in the fryer , I always use max temperature , which is 200 degrees on ours. Use that temp for everything. (edited)
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    I’ve had an air fryer sat in my kitchen untouched for almost 18 months after wanting one for ages because I’m scared I’ll be disappointed with the way it cooks chips
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    love a good chip buttie with red salt vinager and cheese and tahini
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    I've had a lot of success with wedgies in the air fryer. I tend to find that they can be 'fried' longer for a crispier coat but still fluffy inside.
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    Ice lands steak chips are my go to. Big bag for around a quid.
    They are pretty good and not so easy to ruin unlike the thinner cut options. Just a shame that you get a fair fit small bits in the bag.
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    Thanks for all the tips, will work my way through them to find my Nirvana of frozen chips. Started off with some Mcain Naked Straight cut chips to start me off.
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    Aldi sell Beef Dripping Frozen Chips and I think they're great - my partner doesn't like them, even though he says "real chips are cooked with lard".
    £1.65 / 750g…41848126805-O9B6G.jpg
    Wow Louise! Where did you drag this thread up from!