Best fuel prices? (petrol please) - W London/Middx area

Found 28th Sep 2005
Hi all,
Now that fuel prices are starting to edge back down from their £1 a litre levels of a week+ ago, is anyone paying much less than 93.5p?

That's at Waitrose, which beats Texaco, BP and Esso round my way (W London/Middx area)

Any better deals gratefully received!
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Just found this:

Cheap Petrol Price UK

Looks pretty good for comparison all over UK
Generally the supermarkets are the cheapest, ASDA and Tesco are always fighting it out

i believe Tesco has a price watch style, saying they match any with 3 miles, or something, but that's off the top of my head
Thanks guys. Just had a look at the cheap-petrol.co.uk link Rayman gave me: looks like it needs a non-stop army of HotDealers to update it and keep it that way (following Reaps' helpful tip I was about to plan a trip to Tesco at Brent Cross (89p a litre) when I spotted that the price dates from 20 August.

Unless anyone else has any good ideas, I'll probably put a dollop in from Waitrose cause it's near, then wait & hope prices drop a bit ...
Other good (better?) petrol price sites:

Apparently popular, this site texts you the best prices in your area. Requires phone registration at a premium rate number.

Seems to have a wider and larger spotting community that cheap-petrol.co.uk. Also appears more accurate, with less "fake" prices. Gets the andi thumbs up!

For those up north. This is also published in a local paper.

A new site, designed for cabbies, but can be used by all.

Drop me some karma if you find this useful!
This is an old favourite, and was run by the AA. The website is down at the moment though.
karma down, karma down, you start'n? eh? eh? karma down hehe

Yeah they look much better than the one I found have some chicken korma oops karma

That'd be cheep cheap chicken karma then, Andi...

Seriously though - brilliant sites; many thanks.
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