Best Galaxy S2 Deal?

    What's the best value for money Galaxy S2 deal? I don't mind a 24-month contract. 1GB internet or more would be ideal. And please don't suggest Phones4U because I already tried and they screwed me over. I won't be dealing with them.

    I might go with as the Dolphin 25 deal is fairly decent. I wish there was more internet allowance though. I'm open to suggestions!


    t-mobile look to be best plans. They're bundling phone with the internet booster and one package is the 300minute bundle with £99 handset cost and £20pm. Several similar 24month deals on OR dialaphone OR phones4u. It's the only sub £600 one i've seen. Unless you want to get a £499 unlocked on and then a 1gb data "sim only" from somewhere like or an all you can eat data sim from 3.

    I know you said you don't want phones4u deals, but can i ask y?

    i got offered the samsung galaxy s2 for free with 24months contract on orange, £35 per month which gives 1200 mins, unlimited text and 500mb of interent usage.

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    I ended up going for, thanks for that. As for Phones4U, I tried before and my bank hadn't updated my address so they called me back to say it was rejected. Fair enough. They told me to update my address and try again. So I did that, my bank said there'd be no issues. I got rejected again, and called them and was told I had to wait 48 hours before trying again. I wasn't told this the first time I talked to them. They then told me that because of my second failed attempt, I had to wait 30 days before ordering again.

    So yeah, pretty crappy experience. I went in store to see if I could get the deal from there. Guy said, "We can't offer the same as what we offer online, but I can still cut you a really good deal." The really good deal would have resulted in me paying far more than the online offer, and I'm no sucker. I told him to forget about it.

    Cheers again Dave. I went for T-Mobile £20 per month over 24 months. £130 for the handset up front. Fair deal. "Unlimited" internet too, which we all know is a lie. I can't believe that b**ls**t term is still allowed. Ofcom is truly useless.
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