Best Game Rental?

Found 18th May 2010
looking to rent games, already had a free lovefilm trial a month ago..

are they the best? looking for max £10, preferably cheaper, unlimited or a atleast 2 a month

just go for lovefilm? any others that are good? better?

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Boomerang game rental is meant to be good, reading some reviews they have quick turnaround times and generally give games high on your priority list.
most of my friends use lovefilm over others and they seem pretty good, most of them have had some new releases within 2 weeks of them coming out (i still need to get round to signing up with them!)
I'd definitely recommend lovefilm. I'm on the £9.99 package and you canhave 2 games at one time and 4 games through a whole month.

They have super quick turnaround - you pretty much get a new game the day after they receive the last one you sent.
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