Best games for gameboy advance SP

What are the best GBA Games about?

Also, how many mario games are there? Like the proper mario, 2d ones.


Advance Wars 1
Golden Sun ( if you have a LOT of spare time)
Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire,Fire Red, Leaf Green
Kuri Kuri Kurin
Super Mario bros 3
Fire Emblem 1 +2

Best one out of those id say is Fire Emblem 1 + Kuri kuri kurin

I would also recommend Golden Sun & Golden Sun 2 or Final Fantasy games.

GS was 1st game I ever played & I still think it's the best, makes me want to play it again but I'm on Final Fantasy VI ATM & I can't cope with 2 of these types of games at the same time as I just get lost.

As previous poster stated you will need LOTS of available time though!

Original Poster

Thanks for the replies, I just found my old SP and thought it looks more fun than my DS.

how dare you all forget donkey kong country 1,2, and 3, astroboy , warioland 4 and alien hominid !
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