best games for nintendo wii

i've just bought a nintendo wii as an xmas present and was looking to buy a decent family game anyone got any ideas of what i should buy?


super mario galaxy. :santa:

stay well clear of super monkey banana ball or what ever the hell its called, its pants with a capital ****!!!

warioware....smooth moves is pants....(personal opinion of course).......

mario + sonic olympics is good fun but hard !!!!! and tiring !!!!


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thanxs for your help



tigerwoods or lego starwars are the dogs bits kidda

Mario & Sonic is great fun and is also a challenge unlike some of the wave your hands as fast as you can type of games.

Big brain academy is also great fun for all the family.

Stay clear of Mario Party 8 though as it is awful. Luckily I bought my copy from gamestation so I was able to take it back and swap it.

Try for all reviews of games including the wii. Hope this helps.

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i heard that mario party 8 was great but then other people have said its pants so now im unsure which to get

Mario party 8 is just very easy and boring IMHO with long cut scenes. Small Kids would probably enjoy it.

If you do get it buy it from gamestation or somewhere that you can take it back if you do not like it (check with them how long you get to take it back first before you buy it though)

rayman raving rabbids is only 20 quid for the first one in argos

I got my wii last friday and I love Zelda, though its not really a game for the family to play together. I would agree with jarica though, mario and sonic olympics is a good one!
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