Best games to get on the Nintendo DS Lite?

Need to know what are the best games to get on the DS Lite.

Got a Nintendo DS Lite now and just need to get some games for it.

Was having look at Guitar Hero on the DS, that comes with the grip controller, to play the guitar hero keys is that worth getting?

Can suggest anything, will check it out later.

All help is good


Mighty Mugger


Mario Kart is a must

Rhythm Paradise is very addictive

The guitar hero game hurt your hands abit, as the positioning is awkward, but a good game none the less.


check the charts for a quick list

elite beat agents!


The DS is a great console. You'll play a lot of very unique games.

The Guitar Hero games are good fun, but they can hurt your hands after 30 minutes play, but you can get them now for £8.99 or so, which is a fantastic price. Decades is my favourite version.

Some of my favourite games :-
New Super Mario Brothers
Mario Kart DS
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
Mario & Luigi Inside Bowser's Story
Zelda Spirit Tracks
Zelda Phantom Hourglass
GTA Chinatown Wars
Professor Layton
Hotel Dusk
Another Code
Phoenix Wright
Wario Ware Smooth Moves
Rhythm Paradise
Picross DS
Elite Beat Agents
Theme Park DS
Ninja Town
Lego Indiana Jones
Call of Duty 4 / Word at War / Mobilized

Remeber to use [url][/url] for the best prices, and the great DS deals that are on at Gameplay/GAME and Shopto :thumbsup:

yep def mario kart and guitar hero, theme park, call of duty, professor layton
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