Best gaming headphones under £70?

Been looking around for some gaming headphones after getting a new console (Switch). Never bought some before so I'm a little clueless and gave up looking


Not £70 but these are the ones i recommend…558

You might be able to find them cheaper somewhere, or maybe find them second hand. Great sound and extremely comfortable to wear and listen to.…wcB

£94.99. Some £5.99 coupon popping up if you give your email. I'd jump on that mate - You won't find a better set of headphones for the price.…c=1

These are pretty good, under £10 and with the razor surround app they produce surround sound

i got myself a hyperx cloud 2 for 40 quid. absolutely fantastic!


i got myself a hyperx cloud 2 for 40 quid. absolutely fantastic!

This. Down from £74.99 to £39.99 at Smyths…al/

£69.95 on Amazon.

Cloud 2.


This. Down from £74.99 to £39.99 at Smyths 8 … This. Down from £74.99 to £39.99 at Smyths 8)£69.95 on Amazon.

Thats the ones though good luck getting it from Smyths I got mine from Currys with the discount code

The Sony gold wireless 2.0 headset is excellent for the price.

check out the HyperX Cloud Stingers

The first rule of buying headphones is to avoid anything with Gaming on the box. Get yourself a pair of boring hi-fi headphones from a good manufacturer and they'll sound great and last years. My Audio Technicas have lasted longer than the 5 pairs of gaming headphones I had put together, and were less than twice the price of most of them.

Got TurtleBeach px24 with surround sound and superhuman hearing(great feature) and separate amp on the cable. Not sure about compatibility- you may want to read more about it but for £39 I don't think you can find better ones.
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