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Found 4th Nov 2009
Any help appreciated.

A friend at work is looking to buy a gaming PC for £500 or less. He doesn't need a monitor with it. It is for his sons Xmas. He doesn't want to build it himself.
I have given him some advice on what to look for but I am a bit behind the times with gaming PCs, given up and just use consoles for gaming now.

Any good deals, help on where or what to buy? I presume a decent Dell gaming machine will be too much?


I don't think you should take the dell route purely because when it comes to gaming their components are not the best. (Though that does not go to say they are terrible)

Even browsing the refurbished PC's on pcworld you can get some amazing deals with very high end graphics cards and memory. Other good websites to check out would be [url]www.overclockers.co.uk[/url] and [url]www.ebuyer.com[/url]

4GB Memory (at least) is essential and so is 512mb graphics.
Try and go for an quad core processort which is achievable at that price and will offer a smother gaming experience.

Just some thoughts there.


Just need to add an operating system. Guessing as you want to play games it will be windows.

The graphics card is the important bit, if it's £80 or more to buy separately then it's a good one (obviously make sure it's widely available and not old stock) . Memory on the card is pretty irrelevant at those prices.

GAVINLEWISHUKD's link had a good graphics card in the 4870.

And yeah, Dell UK tends to be behind with graphics cards in the price range you're looking at so they're a poor choice. There are plenty of gaming system builders like PCSpecialist and Cyberpowersystems that'll have up to date cards though, although they will be more expensive than something from ebuyer or similar.
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