Best Gaming PC for £500-£550

Posted 22nd May
Hi, can anyone help recommend a gaming PC, I have keyboard / mouse and 32in TV, lots of external storage space already. Ideally prebuilt but can build if better deals, and possibility to upgrade.

Will be used for kids to do homework (word / excel etc) and suitable to play fortnite game.

Thanks for your help.
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Definitely better value building yourself and not at all difficult to do. Check out…apc
Just a warning, i recently built a pc using an AMD graphics card ( red devil 5700xt ) and had screen flicker and black screens plus screen going to no signal and only booting back up in safe mode after trying to install the AMD drivers, it was a coincidence that just months ago most had issues with AMD faulty drivers causing the same symptoms.
This caused me to spend days getting help from numerous people trying everything, reinstalling windows a dozen times using different softwares to remove drivers etc..
I was using a tv and i ended up trying it on a monitor and it worked fine, i then tried my tv again with good quality hdmi 2.0 cable in both 1.4 and 2.0 ports and still had problem, seems the drivers aren't compatible with my tv for some reason, just giving you a heads up so you dont waste days like me and if you use amd radeon gpu you might need to buy a monitor on top
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