Posted 28 November 2023

Best gaming pc £1000 budget

hey guys my friend is looking for a gaming pc to replace her laptop so she can play GTA RP and other titles with out hiccups what would be the best pre built pc for her as she's not tech savvy like that lol her budget is £1000
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    Did you look at some of Sarden84 recent posts
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    Prebuit? Look at sarden
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    I almost got a prebuilt as I am not tech savy but honestly its very simple to build a PC if you can put lego pieces together you can build a PC. What other types of games does she want to play apart from GTA?
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    Mostly gta but i guess she will expand on it once she gets her Pc
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    Probably worth finding out if she wants to stream/record what she’s playing, as most half decent pre-builts will play GTAV at 1080p/60fps on medium - so the extra demands of encoding and recording might be worth sacrificing X for Y at the price.
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    na she won't be recording lol she just wants something future proof
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    If you are adamant on pre-built I would stretch your budget and get something like the below with a 4070 or 7800XT, albeit these have now expired but similar deals may come back up in the near future (keep an eye out for Sarden84's posts).…890…428

    Alternatively, it can be daunting at first but build your own and save some money. I threw the below build together in 5 mins as an example and it will beat any pre-built at equivalent cost and will give you decent 1440p performance for the next 3 years at least. Go watch a build guide on youtube it is not as technical as you might think and can actually be an enjoyable evening.

    The below build is showing at £1210 on pcpartpicker now however the deals won't be as good due to the timing (just after BF/CM). With the deals on black friday (e.g. 20% ebay code + TCB/quidco cashback) you could have got all of the below + a £15 windows OEM key pretty close to the £1000 budget. No doubt similar deals will come around after Christmas if not sooner if you are patient. The release of the 4070 super in January 2024 may also put downward pressure on the price of the 7800XT/4070 if you can hold off that long (I would like to see the 7800XT <£400 for example).

    You could shave more off the cost if you go for a budget mobo / ram / psu however in my opinion the slightly higher spend is worth it to get decent parts (buy cheap, buy twice).

    I wouldn't go for a GPU lower than a 7800XT or 4070 for a build that you want future proofing from at this price point especially for 1440p gaming.

    If she is moving from a laptop to a desktop you also need to price up peripherals (monitor, keyboard etc.) if she doesn't have them already which could easily add another £300+.
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