Best garden furniture to buy to leave out all year ??

Found 1st Apr 2018
What materials should I be looking at ? Seeing a lot of rattan and rattan effect stuff but are they decent ? Would I be best off buying metal or something to last longer ? Guessing wood would be okay but only if treated every year, not too keen on wood anyways
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I've had a cheap Argos plastic "rattan" furniture for 4 years. Left outside with no cover and it's still really good condition. The box section is just starting to rust at the welds, probably has another 2-3 years life in it yet. It's also suprisingly solid.
I bought a couple of these sets last year - just left out all winter, were covered in snow and still look brand new now!…ons

These are not the soft flexible woven plastic - but a more rigid moulded thicker material - get good reviews on Amazon. Got one set full price and then bought another in the autumn when they were reduced.

For tables and chairs I've bought various secondhand glass topped metal dining room sets from ebay and given the metal a coat of Hammerite and replaced the chair seats with some decking boards - look great. Can generally get a glass topped table and 4/6 chairs for £20-30 as there is not much demand for them as dining room furniture.
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If you want it to last a long time pay for decent plastic, otherwise buy decent wood and look after it with cover and wood treating.
it might sound strange but ALL garden furniture is not designed to be left outdoors even Aluminium, it doesn’t rust but does corrode/
I'd be wary of the cheap metal stuff in b&m and the works etc. Some of the welding on them is shocking. Looks like they would rust to bits after 2 years.

I've had a wooden set which goes in the outhouse in winter. I just give it a paint over with fence paint every 2 or 3 year. Still as good as new. The chairs get used at Xmas and one got used today for extra seating at the table for relatives.
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