best gift for new mum?

    Best friend is due her first baby in January and I have no idea what to get present wise!
    I would rather get something for the mum herself as everyone is bound to get something for the newborn!


    a nanny

    Make up a pamper hamper for her for those rare times ahe can have some 'ME' time, add some of her favourite bits n bobs and some chocolates or maybe an 'emergency kit' type of hamper that might have more practical bits in it.

    You could get her a hair voucher if you know what hairdressers she uses, or a voucher for 2 for afternoon tea, gives her a treat a some time away from the new baby when she feels ready for some time away and a lovely treat that she doesn't have to pay for

    Amazon's baby box has a bit of everything in it... went down well with a friend of mine. not cheap though, maybe make one like it?…1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475950507&sr=1-1π=SX200_QL40&keywords=baby+box&dpPl=1&dpID=41YHs5-xknL&ref=plSrch

    Sleeping pills, she's going to need them! X)


    Spa break or just offer to help out for an hour

    One of those heated straightening brushes something to indulge herself she probably has everything she needs really.

    call round with a cooked chicken, a fresh loaf and some flowers, was the best present we ever got and just what we needed in the busy first few weeks!


    call round with a cooked chicken, a fresh loaf and some flowers, was the … call round with a cooked chicken, a fresh loaf and some flowers, was the best present we ever got and just what we needed in the busy first few weeks!

    ​that's a great gift for busy new parents

    I gave my sister a pedicure voucher as she was feeling a bit sad that she couldn't reach her feet in the last month of pregnancy.

    New baby gifts included baby gros but always age 3-6 months as she was given more newborn sized things than could be worn before bubba grew out of them!

    If you sign up for Emma's diary you can pick up some good freebies and start to put a package together full of little bits and bobs.

    I like to do packages with all sorts including treats for mum, baby and the whole family so dad is included as well.

    you could go round and look after baby while mum gets a nap. put the kettle on and make some lunch for you both then wash up and do a load or two of laundry. it's the small things that help to take the pressure off in the early weeks. you would be surprised how many meals are missed by new mums .

    Would definitely second taking some home cooked meals if you can , after having a baby you are shattered and just don't have the energy to cook, put them in foil containers so there's no pressure for her to get dishes back to you, and then she can freeze them too. Simple stuff like shepherds pie,lasagna etc.

    The Asda £7 slow cooker so that her evening meal is ready with no hassle.

    a night alone in a premier inn ;-) zzzz


    a night alone in a premier inn ;-) zzzz


    a Pandora bracelet is a lovely gift. you could buy a baby charm for it x

    something from lush! with a bottle of wine, and candle and some chocolates xx

    I made my bf a pamper set. bought her a bath sheet with embroidery on it. added some lush items. chocolates, and the small bottles of wine, also made an instruction leaflet for her husband lol she totally loved it
    from personal experience tho, best present I got was my mum coming to visit with a trolley load of groceries. I'd had a rough labour and been in hospital for over a week so hubby hadn't been shopping. took so much pressure off both of us.
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    Condoms should help:D

    Excerpt from a real conversation:
    She- ( no kids)... ' so I thought I'd get her something for herself- some Buck's Fizz maybe. What do you think?'
    Me- ( one baby hanging off me, one on hip, one patting me saying ' MummyMummyMummy) ... 'She'd appreciate some hemorrhoid cream and some support tights'
    .. She- ' ugh, you're disgusting'
    Seriously op, she may be too sore to have perfumed bath stuff, and perfume is to be avoided so baby knows Mum's smell. Hair stuff would be good, as giving birth prompts the accumulated hair loss that should've been shed during pregnancy. Credit/ voucher for Just Eat . Voucher/credit for having ironing done. Enrol at a class like 'Baby Massage' or similar, which will enable her to meet other Mums?
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