Best graphics card between £100-£150

Found 23rd Aug 2017
Just a quick question but possibly a highly debated subject. I just built a basic pc, G4560/Asus-B250m/Corsair VS550. I have heard both good and bad things about the integrated 610 graphics but was thinking of maybe getting a card, I missed the 1050 deal from earlier in the week so thought maybe this ..>…ETJ
will most likely not be playing anything other than GTA V and just streaming some online video. Any thoughts?
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right now prices are all over the place due to mining so it's hard to find a good deal. If you can make do on the integrated graphics for now I would wait until a cracking deal appears.

Will you be playing at 1080p or a higher resolution and is your monitor freesync or gsync at all?
Intel graphics are good at a lot of things and I'd only replace them if you find they have insufficient power for what you want to do.

If you do find GTA V doesn't run satisfactorily then the RX 560 4GB would likely to be the one to go for unless the 570 drops back down to £150.

AMD are generally preferable for budget and mid-range options because you get the benefits of freesync when you come to replace the screen.
Thanks guys, gonna download a game or two and try it out standalone first then decide, like the look of this atm ..>…57B
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