Best Graphics card for around £100.....ideas?

Looking to buy a new graphics card but no idea what is the best 1 for my budget of £100...


Depends on what games you intend playing. The 4890 can be had for around £100 and beats most cards under £150. However, it doesn't support DX11 and so if that's important to you, a 5750 would be your best bet. Look at the graphics charts on Tomshardware to help make your decision.

GTS 250 maybe?

Yeah i agree with Marz a Nvidia 250 GTS possibly the green version if your not gona Overclock it....

Inno3d or MSI don't touch the ASUS ones they are quite crappy......

This is the one i have…570 don't have any problems with it and it well below the price your looking for...

Hope this helps

Disagree with the choice. Current Nvidia cards don't give the same bang per buck as the ATI cards and run noisier and hotter. On TomsHardware, the sum of FPS benchmarks for 1920 x 1200 High Quality 4xAA shows the following benchmarks:

4890 = 306-316
5750 = 221-223
250GTS = 203

Overclockers and Aria are doing the 4890 for £110
You can pick up a 5750 for £95 from eclipse:…=50
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