best graphics card for around £50?

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Found 12th Feb 2009
looking to upgrade to something, that will play games such as the sims 3 and maybe gta 4 nicely with 4gb's of ram and vista.


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and a e4600 processor.

this is the graphics card i use, it can handle any game on the pc and is cheap http://*********.co.uk/NVI…318

its ebay.co.uk

spend an extra fiver: ebuyer.com/pro…454

why the 4650? you need 512mb of grpahics memory to play gtaIV, this has GDDR3 which is much fast than DDR2, not many cards have the faster memory

should also run off the board i.e. no power connectors required (this is the case with the HD 4670, you may need to check this for this model, but i'm pretty sure it's very similar)

also a quiet card, compared to previous generations

it'll also run COD4 at the massive res of 1920x1200 at over 40fps, woot

here's a review of the OC DDR2 card, this should be a little quicker: overclockersclub.com/rev…50/


Seconded. Although, if you don't mind something older and hotter, there was a 3850 on here earlier this week...


It's £55 delivered, and has about the same performance/slightly better in some applications as the HD4670. It's ddr3 too, but needs an extra power lead as it can't operate just off the pci-e slot. Reviews well too.

Here's the toms hardware page giving figures. Seems to come in significantly better than 4670, actually. and about £10 cheaper.


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decided on a hd2600, just to play sims, but might opt up for a 4670 if the play.com offer falls through. thanks everyone

I buy graphics cards for family and mostly have small budgets, i use this web site to get the most of their money. [url]www.tomshardware.co.uk[/url].

If you look though the charts and compare all the cards in yor price range you can get the best deal.

Custompc recommends 9600 gso card for a budget machine and is currently priced at 69.99 at maplin if you buy though paypal you get 10 pound off.

I know this is slightly out of budget, but this card beat a 400 pound card in some games on smaller monitors (19" is classed as small).

custom pc recommends the xfx 9600 gso card for a budget.

currently 69.99 at maplins, if you purchase via though paypal you can get 10.00 off orders above 50.00 pound.

This card beats 400 pound cards at some games and very future proof.

(can't get a link up for you as the web site was down when typing this... RAGE)

Okay, be realistic here.

No cards for £50 are out which can play GTA IV smoothly. My Sapphire 4850 barely manages with it on the Lowest settings, 1680*1050 res.

Still, GTA IV itself is a poorly optimized game, and any of the above mentioned cards would probably run the Sims 3 with ease.

I'd recommend Ebuyer highly when it comes to Graphics Cards, wonderful service, free delivery at £50.
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