best graphics card for desktop

    what is the best graphics card for my comp, its got a 3.0ghz dual core processor, and 4gb of ram, which i can increase if necessary, price does not matter, its a dell optiplex


    Read the following link- it has all the latest info on the latest GPUs and also the best bang for buck. Only you can decide budget, but all contemporary graphic solutions are listed. Have a read and post back if you have any more questions.....…e/1


    Nothing too power hungry. Dell PSUs are usually fairly low power output, just enough to run what's inside the box. You may also need to get a low profile card as some of the Optiplex range use reduced height cases.

    Best go for a fairly cheap card if you really want one as there's not much point in putting a £200+ graphics card on a £20 mainboard. :whistling:


    Try NVIDIA Gerforce 9800 - really great graphics!

    If you fancy playing on 3D then go for one of the latest NVIDIA card and get the 3D VISION bundle, I am sure you will love it.

    What processor is it ,If it is an old pentium D then there would be no point in upgrading too much,

    best price/performance at the moment is ATI Radeon 5850 around £200

    Is it the 760?
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