Best Graphics Card On £50 (AGP) Budget!

    Hello All

    I got to get a friend a new graphics card (AGP) for £50 no more maybe a little extra for shipping as well but thats about it.

    Whatever you guys think is the better deal but maybe something through quidco so i get a little out of it as i wont get fook all from him for doing it lol

    Many Thanks

    Techz :thumbsup:


    Ebay!!!!!!!!!, and if you want extra cash for helping out a friend then forget me searching for you.

    C ya.

    Original Poster

    Will this be any good



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    Sorry Beerman1

    I forgot to say i have already stripped down his pc and checked it all and have not asked for a penny is it too much to ask for a little something for doing it

    oh and thanks for your great great INPUT


    The 6600GT is a great graphics card, I'd go for it

    I have a 128mb 6600GT. i bought it last year off OcUK its really good but i don't play games anymore. ran half life 2 on good graphics fairly decently.

    i paid a fair bit for it so £50 is a no, but perhaps you can convince him to save up a few extra quids. just tell him to save his lunch money for a week

    i should still have the box around. can provide you with the game NFSunderground 2.

    Pm me if you're interested.

    Second thoughts just go for the one you posted, cheaper and new.


    Sorry Beerman1I forgot to say i have already stripped down his pc and … Sorry Beerman1I forgot to say i have already stripped down his pc and checked it all and have not asked for a penny is it too much to ask for a little something for doing it oh and thanks for your great great INPUT Techz

    To be honest for a mate yes.

    Unless you and your mates are different to me and my mates. Unless it's a big job (i.e. wallpapering your house or something, which will actually cost YOU money to buy some stuff then we do each other favours mate, over the long term it evens itself out). I hope one day you break down miles from home without cover and your mate everntually runs a tow business and he brings you home for cost but makes £25 on a Nectar Points bonus and rubs it in your face.

    But as for your OP, for the £50, you will not get better than the card posted. Will cost over £54 including delivery.

    well the way i see it, if a mate of mine was fixing my busted Pc and had to find a GRXcard on a budget, i'd be buying him a drink :friends:

    IMHO i'd go for the Scan deal that is well cheap for a 6600. :w00t:

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    Beerman1 has someone upset you and you want to take it out on me ?

    I built pc for him about 2 years ago never asked for a thing off him

    I have also helped with some work on his house for free

    I was not asking for anything off him just asking if i could get me quidco up a bit sorry if thats not your thing but i thought i would ask someone to help me as well

    And do you think if he run a tow business he would spend £50 on a graphics card

    1. I dont own a car

    2. And he dont own a NECTAR card lol

    To be honest im sorry i even started this thread now


    I will go with the scan one i think


    Lol. Yes someone upset me, a friend of mine just lost the frigging World Darts Championship, OK!!!!

    Come on man, your original post seemed to state that you were after something for helping a mate out.

    Now I read it correctly I get what you mean. Although you state that he would give you fook all for helping him out, stating that you were not really happy helping him in the first place.

    Which my point back would be to say, mates are mates, you all help each other out bud.

    But as stated that card is perfect for £50. May I just ask what he has in the setup now? Just for a comparison for an upgrade?

    But to be honest I was searching for a 6600gt before Christmas and could not get one below £60 so that seems perfect at £54 delivered and will play any game ever released, the latest ones you will have to turn the eye candy down quite a bit but if he has never seen what a top end card can do he will never miss it.




    Sorry for the misunderstanding I am usually a nice dude.

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    Thats ok Beerman :thumbsup:

    Sorry About The DARTS :-(

    His set up was not bad back in 2004 when i did it lol

    But for some reason his ati card keeps cutting out so he needs a new one

    I think i will go for the scan 6600gt

    Many Thanks ALL


    Can you tell me what model ATI card he has installed?

    If it were built in 2004 I really think any ATI card back then could still handle all todays games. The lesser ones obvioulsy would struggle but they will do it.

    The reason I ask is are you sure it is not a driver issue or temperature issue, as if the PC is cutting out everytime he plays games it could well be a temperature issue mate. If it's a temperature issue then you may need to clean the CPU fan if it's full of gunk, or make sure the graphics card is not overheating.

    Just trying to help mate, if you know what your doing just tell me to shut up.
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