Best Graphics Card under or near £150 delivered


    I currently have Dell 9200, Q6600, 4GB Ram, Vista, and would like to upgrade my graphics card from 7900GS. Please could you make suggestions or links to GPU's that are hot for gaming, mainly I wanna run Crysis, and other power hungry applications and games. My budget is arround £150

    Many Thanks



    8800gt (one of the new ones) definitely the best value card of the moment. the new 9600s are supposedly ok also. both great for gaming. if you want media centre functionality then the Ati HD3870 just snatches it I think. also you can run the ATIs in crossfire on a decent board with an overclocked Quad core, whereas you'll struggle to do the same with SLI.

    Yeah, the 3870 seems to be the better card but the 8800GT is faster (there is only one version of the GT, the GTS is the one that had two versions).

    Have a ganders at this...I find these articles very useful (April's should be out soon) for £140 recommends 8800GT (as previously recommended to you above)…tml

    Don't forget to check PSU requirements . Your PC may not have sufficient Wattage to run some cards.

    I know it's not all about watts , but it's a fair place to start.

    PaulPoole, the PSU should be fine - Dell underrate their PSUs. This ]Dell forum thread suggests that you can even run a 8800GTX in a 9200.

    Arguably, the cheapest 8800GT at the moment is this ]£111.61 one from Scan.
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