best hair dryers

    hi all.
    the mrs is wanting a hairdryer for xmas.
    im looking past the normal babyliss etc and am looking at salon aimed brands.
    im wanting somthing better than what could be got from boots.
    there alot of pricey ones out there but im unsure of whats what.
    any help or suggestions would be great
    thanks alot

    oh and has anybody heard or 'parlux' hairdryers?


    mine always seem to break so gave in and bought a cheap one for about £10 ive had it for 4 years now, i know thats no help at all lol

    i have to say its the technique not really the hairdryer-if you are good at blow drying you could use a tesco value one!!!
    What about these Nutriheat ones that use capsules full of vitamins??

    Original Poster

    thanks fro the help.
    only prob is that she find her hair gets very greasy very quick and she's worried that the oils and vitimins in these nutriheat type one will just make it worse. im a lad and know noting about hair but i can see where sh is coming from.

    i had to agree the expensive ones do break personally thou id go for tresemme or toni and guy they do some good stuff.


    I know you said 'something better than what you can get from boots' but I bought a Lee Stafford one recently and it's fantastic! But now the full gift set is half price at Boots!…051

    Hi xsazzyjayx
    I just ordered this set for my wife…051

    I looks a good deal. Thanx

    bought one back in 2002! still going strong was 45 quid bought it from the TIGI shop so its the powerful salon ones they use.... nothing comes close.


    I’d recommend Karmin
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