Best handcream to help reinvigorate damaged/bitten finger skin please??

Posted 30th Dec 2014
Can anyone recommend a good hand cream or moisturiser for me as I want to sort my hands out before I get married. I have a bad habit of biting skin around finger nails, I am trying to break this habit before I get married in September. Are there any hand creams or moisturisers that will help heal the damaged skin faster?

I don't want anything that costs a fortune but Any advice would be great.
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Aloe Vera is very good for the healing process, maybe dip your finger in a little mustard to stop the biting. Good luck.
l'occtaine hand creams are good, as are crabtree and Evelyn - and they're on the more decent priced end of the hand cream scale. I would suggest you go into a department store and see what suits your skin as they have testers. drinking lots of water will also do wonders!

congratulations on your wedding and hope you're able to find a suitable treatment for your hands.
extra virgin coconut oil or Crisco.
Other than spending loads on creams you might need to look at stopping the habit

The best option would be to stick your fingers in a smelly environment (ideas come to mind) but then it would be a health/hygene issue.

Is there some food with strong odour that you don't like?

Coconut oil!

This stuff is awesome.
e45 several times a day
Been trying to beat that habit for 20 years and I have sore fingers today. Don't realise I am doing it most of time, I tend to pick it rather than bite it.

When I do try I cut all the hanging bits off with nail clippers so it wont tempt me and then put savlon on them which is not a nice taste either so it will heal at same time as stopping you biting them.
The best thing for hands is vaseline. Just rub a small bit where needed and you will notice healing within a day or 2.White paraffin is the most common ingredient in all hand cream so the cheapest and best thing is vaseline. Good luck
Forgot to say. E45 contains lanolin or something that makes my hands go red and itch which is why I keep going back to vaseline
I do like the soap & glory hand food but it has marshmallow in it so you might end up biting your fingers more!

Forgot to say. E45 contains lanolin or something that makes my hands go … Forgot to say. E45 contains lanolin or something that makes my hands go red and itch which is why I keep going back to vaseline

i find e45 soaks in much faster and therefore less oily than vaseline, but yes, i agree vaseline is cheap as cheaps and has been proven time and again to be as effective if not more than the silly expensive stuff
This stuff is pretty good as a deterrent from biting nails - much quicker and easier than the stuff you have to paint on.
Sounds strange but one of the guys in work uses boots cracked heel cream on his hands as they spit easily and he says it works really we!
My husband uses the Body Shop Hemp hand cream as his hands get quite chapped and sore in the winter and he swears by it.
Wow thanks all for the great answers. I am actually using some of the Pretty Quick stop biting stuff from Superdrug as well as putting plasters on to stop me biting. My fiancé has some Crabtree and Evelyn stuff I can try but I will also give all of the other suggestions a bash too.

Thanks again all for taking the time to respond.
Lubriderm Daily Moisure Lotion – Normal to Dry Skin…I have tested about 12 types of lotion for this purpose. Lubriderm seems to restore the skin so that you can barely tell it was ever bitten/picked. That makes it less amenable to biting/picking in the future. Also, it tastes terrible. That's assuming you get the regular one (i.e., not fragrance-free).

It might be less toxic—in case you do bite it again—compared with others. All I know is that many lotions (including some others from Lubriderm) have a warning label, but this one does not.

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