Best handheld games system for 6 yr old?

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My son is turning 6 and he has had a few shots of his dads xbox and does want to play games.

We dont really want to get him one he needs the tv for, ideally a handheld device.

He likes cars/formula 1.

As he is just turning 6 I do not need the latest best technology/newest released games, happy to buy an old model if cheaper (he wouldnt know the difference!)

He has used the pre-school vtech innotab/leapster systems but they are not great!

Any recommendations thanks!
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A new 2DS?
PSP perhaps. Nice size screen, decent graphics. Plenty of racing games I'd imagine
A 2DS would be my recommendation in general for that age, but it's not all that well supplied with racing games. There is of course still Mario Kart 7, which could go some way towards helping on that front. How strong is their preference towards racing games; do/would they also enjoy other types of games?
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I would get him a Wii U as that way he can play on the gamepad, but also have the option to play on the TV. It's a great family console and it's child friendly. My little boy loves it, we have a 2ds and a Switch but the Wii U wins hands down in our house. You can pick them up at really cheap prices secondhand on eBay.
I agree with JohnnyRoller. I have a nearly 6 year old and he has a Wii U. Easy to use and if you have an old Wii remote and nunchuck (cheap enough to buy) you can play the original Wii games too (on the tv only) which gives a lot more choice.

The grown ups get to play Mario too
I'd go for a standard DS Lite. Much better library than the 2/3DS and cheaper to obtain too.
ostinato8 m ago

I'd go for a standard DS Lite. Much better library than the 2/3DS and …I'd go for a standard DS Lite. Much better library than the 2/3DS and cheaper to obtain too.

The 2DS (and 3DS) can play all original DS games, and a 2DS isn't overly expensive to buy nowadays.
A pack of playing cards
I recently got one of those amazon fire tablets for kids to replace an ageing ipad and was massively impressed.
Tons of kid friendly free games for free and loads of videos if you have a prime membership.
Mine was £79 for the 8" on sale, I'd expect the same for black friday.
Nintendo DS lite would be a better fit for a 6 year old, they can be picked up for around £30.
xfaxfa7 h, 35 m ago

A pack of playing cards

A piece of stick from a randomly selected tree?

Just kidding. I’d say a 2DS as well. DS lite can easily break from the hinge area. Best to put £20-£30 on top and buy a more proper model. Also, Nintendo has a better library than Sony for a 6 year old.
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