Best HD BOX deal out there?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone had any experience with getting really good High Def box deals with either sky or Virgin?

    My current deal with virgin is due to end and am thinking of defecting to SKY after reading about getting a free SKY+ Box, free installation, and the possibility of BT line connection paid also....

    However, if I threaten to leave do you think Virgin can offer anything similar? I think the only thing that might make me stay is having a HD box offered...

    Can anyone help?



    You can get a HD Sky box for £149 with free fitting too is you really want HD tv

    negotiate with virgin but not much they have

    Original Poster

    So you reckon there is definately no way of getting a free Sky HD box out of them?

    I dont think its worth paying 150 quid for one when you there are only a limited amount of programmes at the mo....

    I take it the HD box has Sky Plus built in?

    No way of getting one FOC mate - yes, Sky HD has the Sky+ functionality

    Original Poster

    Cheers ChrisUK, I think ill phone to cancel my VM and see if they offer me a HD box for a decent price....otherwise I reckon it will just be the Sky + box for me!
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