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    Looking for good headphone which are very comfortable for use with my laptop,phone,mp3 was going to best cheap ones from ebay but there are so many cheap ones i want to know which are the best.


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    I mean earphones btw.

    Personally, I'd recommend ]Creative EP-630s for the money.

    I have Sennheiser CX300s, too (which the Creative EP-630s are clearly the same fundamental earphone) but actually prefer the Creatives to the Sennheiser ones, both for the sound and slight differences in the cable arrangements.

    My recomendation or sennheisers cx400 or cx500s, can get cheap off ebay and they are excellent. cx300s are only slightly cheaper but the upgrade to 400s is worth it.

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    thanks guys will buy one of them for sure!

    what did you go for in the end
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