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I am looking to spend around £100 on headphones and would like to k ow what ones would be the best.

Any options would be great. Over ear cans or in-ear ones.

thank you


Hey PalG,

I've owned the B&W P3s (Series 1 ... Series 2 just came out recently) for around five years now, and have no complaints. Good sound and comfortable, for me at least!…1U/?
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if you like bass you should definitely go for the Sony MDRXB950BT they're Bluetooth and are usually about £100

If you can find it on Amazon under 100 then I would recommend Jabra revo. Has it's own app which takes sound level to a different level! I managed to get it for £75

I would recommend the AKG Y50BT often available for around a ton. As good as any Bluetooth headset or the B and O H6 more than your budget but see if you can get the mk 1 version which should be around £150.

even aptX bluetooth is below CD quality so i tend to stay away from bluetooth versions.

Second hand B&O H6…TCI
If you want to feel the bass in your heart then these are the ones. probably can find them cheaper elsewhere if you look. Try them then try a pair of top of the line Beats or mid tier B&O and they sound virtually the same. Got a good weight to them and they fit around my big ears. well under your price range aswell.

can't attest for the newer model but I had these for years and still best headphones I have owned.

Hi it all depends on what type of music you like, for heavy Bass go for Closed back headphones for all round sound go for open back. Grado make award winning headphones I have a pair of SR60s which are open back they are a good all rounder in sound and have a transparent midrange. They have now been replaced with SR80e. On offer at £89 Richer Sounds.
Hope this helps.!/product/GRAD-SR80-E

Audio Technica ATH MX50 from Amazon? around £100 and generally regarded as an excellent all round pair.

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really appreciate all the replies.


even aptX bluetooth is below CD quality so i tend to stay away from … even aptX bluetooth is below CD quality so i tend to stay away from bluetooth versions.

​True Bluetooth is worse sound quality than wired headsets. The AKG Bluetooth headphones are as good as any though but not a patch on a good wired set.

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what would be thr best wired set?

Second the grado sr60
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