Best headphones from selection

    I am considering buying one of the following:

    Sennheiser PX 200-II
    Skullcandy Agent
    Sony DR-BT101

    I will give rep to any helpful suggestions, recommendations or feedback on any of the headphones, thanks!


    avoid skullcandy... at all costs...

    Pay a little more.... get some grados...

    Out of the three you have listed i would personally go for the Sennheiser's

    I have owned various models from all three brands, and the Sennheiser's have never ever broken!!

    I have had the same pair of CX300's for years! I have also never been disappointed with the sound quality of any of my Sennheisers and the same cannot be said for Sony.

    Sennheiser from me, they WILL last longer!

    Original Poster

    So to those who said the Sennheisers, do you reckons it's worth paying £50 for the noise cancellation model (PXC 250)??

    Depends where you are going to use them... noise cancelling works 2 ways... does not improve sound... if on your own ... open headphones better, if on the train


    depends on budget, also what you are using them for, grado or audio technika are more expensive but worth it if you listen to a lot of music. i have a pair of bose quiet comfort 2 at the moment and the sound is decent enough fancy a change again soon

    I've heard nothing but good reviews on Sennheisers

    but I know someone who got some Klipsch Headphones recently and the sound is awesome on them

    Original Poster

    Ok, thanks guys - I'll probs go for the Sennheisers (rep added!)
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