Best headphones under £100

    I am looking to buy a decent pair of headphones for less than £100 and I was wondering what people would recommend, I will give rep to any recommendations, thanks!


    Sennheiser HD25s are industry standard if you can get 'em under a ton. Mine were £130 a few yrs back but outstanding

    To get best advice you'll probably need to give more info (notwithstanding a good bet from pfallan).
    Will they be for use outdoors where it might be important to keep noise out and your music in (to avoid annoying others) or just for use indoors where you'll not disturb or be disturbed. If mainly for out and about use with a portable would you consider an In Ear Monitor?
    What device are the headphones to be used with; some portable devices have limited power.
    Can you try out to test for comfort?
    Do you intend using the headphones for computer games? Do you have particular musical preferences?
    How important is the appearance of the headphone?

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    Thanks @pfallan, rep added, @chrisjackson, I'm looking for a pair that had little sound leak if any, I'd prefer a pair that is on-ear or over-ear, I'd look to use it mainly with my iPhone, I depends what store I can get them from, using them for computer games would be a possibility but not my main intention, I prefer pop, dance and soundtracks and the appearance is quite important.

    Google on "closed cans shootout headfonia" for a review of possible candidates. Some a bit pricey though. Current hotukdeal on M50 at £118 with freebie IEMs. That's not under £100, though, is it

    A google on "Shootout: 46 Portable Headphones Compared" compare others over a wider price range.

    BTW if the Audio-Technica ESW9 looks attractive, beware that a lot of fakes are about.

    Hope you'll let us know what you decide.

    Check out They have B stock HD 25 if you're keen to keep to budget. You don't want the SP version which is an inferior version (and priced accordingly). C in the name stands for coiled lead. The most expensive version on above site I believe comes with a set of velour pads as an extra (maybe a nicer case too). Looks your best bet for quality portables.
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