Best headphones/earphones for use on a flight

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Found 4th Jan
I currently have a pair of Soundmagic e10 earphones and a cheap pair of Sennheiser headphones. I'm looking to spend up to around £150 on a pair of headphones/earphones for use when flying. Are Bose the way to go for noise cancellation? Can anyone please suggest any others? thanks.


they are amazing used my qc35 going and coming from Orlando..
peace and quiet . well worth the cash for me

On a airplane the constant tone from the aircraft is the perfect environment to get the best out of noise canceling earphones.

Plantronic Back Beat Pro's....1st gen version......Sony MDR 100's, bluetooth version.......I just ordered the Creative Evo EXR's (New) for 99quid delivered from the Creative store.....they have since gone up in price by a tenner and out of stock......

I used to have the Back Beats, but after nearly 3 years of use the pads were knackered......gave them to my bro who promptly repaired them......stupid me!!

Hope this helps

MDR100ABN are best in a lower budget (around £150-170), if cost is not a issue than Bose qc35 or Sony MDR1000x.

But pop down to a local Currys and test them out if possible......

Got my Creative Evo Exr's today! :D.....and they are very good from initial impressions. A bit bass heavy out of the box, but playing with the sound settings in the creative android app and via the music player they sound really nice....a lot of running in to do still.

Good solid construction, and not as gaudy in my subjective opinion as other reviewers have mentioned.

Comfortable with my glasses on....and without.

Button locations will take no time in getting used to....good placement and easy to remember.

These represent excellent value for money at this early stage of usage......

I do miss the class 1 bluetooth and the brill pause facility of the Back Beat Pro's but at the price I paid, they represent excellent value for money.

The true test will be on the London Underground.....once they fix it

For the 99 quid including delivery I paid for them, I am currently really happy :D.......But still would have loved the Sony MDR1000's......

Dance, pop and classical sound requires additional eq tinkering.......

Hope this feedback helps


Tested...the ANC is either rubbish or there is a fault with the unit The ANC is a massive feature for me as these are used for my commmute, so must work......had not such issues with my old Plantronics Back Beat Pro's......

I have emailed Creative with regards to this....If the matter can't be resolved then I'll have to action a refund as search for a decent fairly priced ANC set of cans......Other then that, the cans sound lush when set up correctly
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