Best headset for Playstation 3?

I've just purchased a PS3 bundle from HMV and now need to purchase a headset for the online play (once I master how to get online!! Another thread methinks!)

The one I seem to keep on being recommended online is the GIOTECK PS3 BLUETOOTH HEADSET but the best price I can find is £25 from amazon.

All I'm looking for is a decent headset for a decent price. I don't want to throw away £25 if I can get the same quality from a cheaper model.

Any suggestions, much appreciated, rep to be given.


If you are thinking about buying Warhawk i heard it comes with a free wireless bluetooth headset. You can find Warhawk cheap from brand new.

Its better than nothing! :D. I recently got a ps3 and set it up within about 10 minutes online, need any tips just ask me

you probably dont care anymore as you have posted this several months ago but HMV sell it for £15
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