Best heater for a medium sized room

    I just bought a electric fan heater today. Its crap, loud and fails to warm the room much. Its going straight back next week. What would you recommend me, £15-25 range?



    this maybe…htm?_$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:4152875%7Ccat:home+and+furniture+%2F+heaters+and+radiators+%2F+oil+filled+radiators+%2F

    link won't work - dunno why - argos number is 415/2875
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    this type of thing on fleabay > Item number: 320659248225>>

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    You want an oil filled radiator imo.

    I bought a Swan 2000w portable oil filled radiator with timer for approx. £40 and I must say it is absolutely brilliant. Heats the hallway and bathroom on the lowest setting and with the thermostat on it switches on and off by itself. I would highly recommend this type of heater
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