Best High capacity MP3 (not i-pod)


    Can anyone help me with this. Looking for high capacity music player (need mp3 and wma) - not bothered about video and photos but might be nice.

    Do not want i-pod as do not want to be restricted by I-Tunes and so far I am just not convinced. I do need high capacity though 40GB min preferably more. The Creative 60GB at Amazon sounds a good deal, but are there any others? I know Archos do high capacity players but they seem to be video orientated. Any tips would be appreciated. Obviously the cheaper the better.

    Thanks in advance.


    I think Creative are the best you can get after iPods

    Try to get Cowon X5 (although it is awfully expensive) - it is supporting FLAC in stock firmware.
    Failing that, get iPod and install Rockbox firmware - no more iTunes.
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