Best HPI check online?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good hpi check online? Ive obviously googled it but theres loads to choose from, not sure if anyone has used one that they thought was good value for money and helpful. Didnt really want to do one of the txt hpi's because i dont think they insure the information they provide. Also would anyone have any tips on how to know if the car your looking at buying is an import? The car has some service history and does have the original owners manual, will there be a delivery stamp in the owners manual book that might help? Had a bad experience in the past where my car was written off and later found out it was an import from the channel islands and nearly wasn't covered from the insurance company.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Make sure any HPI check you buy includes an outstanding finance check. Many of the three quid by text deals do not. You should expect to pay about £20 for a check including everything. Have a look at the HPi website, got my last from them for £19.99 guaranteed.
    A dealer should be able to help with the VIN number to see if it's an import.

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    thanks for the info, have some rep!!

    RAC are cheaper and also have a guarantee if they give you incorrect information.

    It normally states on the v5 if the car is an import.
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