Best I Phone Deal? O2 Upgrade?

    Whats the best I Phone deal you have managed to get out of o2?

    Im due a upgrade in the next 3 weeks and can upgrade now as im in my last month,

    Has any1 ever managed to get the I Phone 3G S Free on any deals?

    Best I can find is I Phone 3G £35 with 500 texts and 600 mins with unlimited internet,

    I dont really want to pay anything over £35 so that is my max,

    Do you have any past experiences on getting a good offer out of o2 on the I Phone?

    Thanx in advance



    I don't think I've seen O2 discount an iphone tarriff, only O2 open,


    When i was due an upgrade, retentions wouldnt budge on the iphone, offered me everything else under the sun but just wouldn't budge. Then went on to explain the reason they couldn't budge on the iphone price was because apple sets the price and tarrif and they have some sort of contract with apple.

    I ended up cancelling my line and moving to orange to get the i900. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    thanx for both of ur help, i might wait for the n97 to come out on o2 and see if they can offer me something good with that if they wont budge on the i phone, repped u both
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