Best in-ear headphones for heavy metal

Found 23rd Nov 2017
I’m to get my brother some new in-ear bud style headphones for Christmas as he is always breaking them.

He listens to all that screaming and shouting loud guitar, Drums etc think pantera might be one of them?

Anyhow just wondering what would be the best earphones for this style of music?

Any and all suggestions welcome thank you!
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I’d also like to know too
For heavy metal I find these are the best.

You never mentioned 1 important aspect ... cost.

I don’t listen to all that heavy metal stuff, but I think these are excellent to my untrained ears anyway.

I know they will not be to everyone’s liking and definitely not cheap but worth every penny IMO.
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I would have said something like Skullcandy, they have good bass and good highs
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