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I’m hoping some creative members can help me with some information on making my own wax melts, like the best wax to use (soya seems to be the most popular) and how to ensure I get the strongest and longest lasting scent?
I have done plenty of googling but there’s so many different waxes and scent strengths used, from 8-15%, my head is in a spin and I don’t want to waste money by buying the wrong or inferior products.
I have huge great sometimes stinky St Bernard dogs, LOL,and I want my house to smell lovely and fragrant not Eau De Dog so I spend an absolute fortune on wax melts and plug ins, to have in every room and realistically it’s money I can do with reducing drastically due to vets bills on a regular basis.
I do already buy home made ones from eBay which is cheaper than the stores but to make my own would be even cheaper, as long as I can get a good scent throw and they last at least a day.
Thank you in advance for any help and advice.
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I use soya for candles, been a while since I added scents but I seem to recall that if you heat the wax too much the scent would dissipate so worth reading up. What you can do is make a test batch with a modest amount of scent and try it to see how effective it is, then just melt it down again and add progressively more until you figure out the right amount. Also buying quite a lot of wax makes it more cost effective (stating the obvious I know). I tried looking at various websites but the cheapest I found was on ebay.
Thank you.
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