Best Inkjet for Printing onto CD and DVD Discs

    Ive had a HP Photosmart D5160 for the last few years and its finally stopped working. I'm quite reluctant to just go and get another as most probably there will be new and better models on the market these days.

    My use for printing on CD's and DVD's is primarily disc labelling for work, backing up important files and occasionally used to print covers for holiday photo DVD's.

    So the question is.....

    Whats the best printer for printing onto CD's and DVD's ?

    The factors I'm considering are:

    1. Cost of Inks - Must be reasonable as this is undoubtedly the highest running cost of a printer

    2. Quality

    3. Printer cost, I'd like to spend no more than £80

    help and advice on a suitable printer would be much appreciated.

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