Best International Flight Compare Sites ie edreams..are they any good as they seem good value

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Found 17th Jun 2010

I have tried quite a few but with these sky high prices to fly to Japan i was hoping someone would be able to recommend a really good value flight serach/scanner site ?
edreams seem good value but not sure if they are a safe bet or not ?

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i always use skyscanner.net


Reviews for edreams are bad.
I always use Southall Travel but i always go to India

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Reviews for edreams are … Reviews for edreams are bad.http://www.ciao.co.uk/Reviews/edreams_com__94091I always use Southall Travel but i always go to India

Thanks for that Patti- after reading through those reviews i will run a mile from them. The thing is though is that you can search for flights through tripadvisior so i thought they may be legit/good. They certainly are cheap though.

Flight scanner here i come!




myvacations.co.uk has been ok a few times for me.
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