Best internet browser to use on a Windows tablet ?

Found 3rd Sep 2017
I have a basic Windows tablet which isn't great to be honest, everything is a bit sluggish! ended up just linking it to my tv to use for a internet tv device but even edge is so sloppy. what would you recommend to use instead? would need to be able to play flash for virgin catch up but that's about it
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either Chrome or Firefox.
Firefox Loyal
Splodger1015 m ago

either Chrome or Firefox.

I thought chrome was heavy on ram ?
Not sure, try it?!!
Edge does the job nicely these days
Best for security and privacy:
i really like chrome and won't budge away from it now.
If your tablet has 1GB of RAM not much you can do browser wise as I tried them all and none seemed to work better than Edge.

You can try disabling all the fanciness of windows 10 within the settings to run for best performance:…ows
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