Best internet filter-type software?

    A neighbour of mine is looking to set up a PC in her kids room and is wondering what's the best/most practical software for filtering porn on the interwebs?

    Apart from the obvious (not letting the kids run wild online while she cooks dinner), what software do the parents of young kids here use?



    First thing do if you use Google is click on search settings.( top right )
    go to ( SafeSearch Filtering )
    and select ( use strict filtering )
    Then save preferences ( bottom right )

    This gets rid of most accidental images and sites popping up when your kids make a spelling mistake ,

    Let them roam wild... natural learning is the way forward!

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    Let them roam wild... natural learning is the way forward!

    I was sent to catholic schools, so unfiltered interwebs were my way to get educated! Though looking at that outcome, I can see why she'd want to take other precautions.


    If they get ]Kaspersky Internet Security it not only provides AntiVirus and Firewall functions, but also has a well maintained contents filtering feature.

    If they bank with Barckays, the software is even free.
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