Best internet without 'Fair Use policy'

    Hi AOL have slowed my speed right down......

    I want to change to another provider
    but don't want a down load limit or this 'Fair Use policy'

    any ideas



    To be honest, as far as I am aware, every ISP has a fair usage policy - it's just that not all of them let you see it :x

    No download limit and no FOP simply doesn't exist any more, they all have at least one or the other or both.

    Be is pretty good - they have a soft limit some users say of 500gb, but no one has been known to have been pulled up for excessive downloading so far

    erm eclipse gives u unlimited init but while 6-12 you have 20gb is the best m8

    UKOnline have a 500gb per month limit on the 8mb service.

    More than enough, even for the most enthusiastic downloader.
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