As title says, anyone had some experience with diff. ones?

    Let me know, cheers,


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    khy86;5700091 hard to install though

    Won't be getting one of them then ! although I want to protect front and back but i know i won't be able to fit it :oops:


    Won't be getting one of them then ! although I want to protect front and … Won't be getting one of them then ! although I want to protect front and back but i know i won't be able to fit it :oops:

    I have one on my ipod touch and it really wasnt that difficult! easy to pull back off and reapply if goes wrong as well, now its on can barely notice it has one so definatly recommend :thumbsup:

    I got a Zagg just over a week ago and it is the best phone cover I have ever seen. Yeah a tad fiddly initially but worth the effort. I have the zagg full protection on my iphone and when I go out it also sits in a proporta dual skin. I've dropped the phone once and it bounced in the proporta.

    But dust does manage to get in most of these skins so having the zagg stops any further scratching.

    You might not like the feel of the zagg but you get used to it. One word of advice, give the zagg four days to settle. During the four days the bubbles go, it stops being cloudy and the tacky feeling goes. This s the covering drying(curing) and if fitted well you won't notice it.


    There is a Chinese guy on Fleabay who is particulalry good.

    I got 3 screen protectors for 6p delivered - 4 times!!!! Far from being crap, they're the best protectors Ive seen (They have 2 pull off label / stickers for each side of the protector.)

    Recomended this guy to t0mm - who I think will confirm what I said...... Top notch and cheap as chips.

    Edit: Just looked it up...... Have a look at this item: 390065980910 Currently stands at 6p for 3 (ie 2p each) delivered..... And they are as good as you will get for screen only protectors.


    iI've had a few zagg shields, and while they are clearly the best, I don't like them. They completely change the texture of the iphone glass screen, and although you do get used to it, as soon as you remove it, you remember just how smooth and easy it is to scroll and slide on the iphone glass screen.

    I use a Belkin Leather case. You can't really get them anymore, think they are discontinued. It's a little big, and doesn't cover all parts, but it looks good.…917

    I use this with the zagg back shield, and leave the screen unprotected.

    This one has got some good reviews on even includes a pre installation film to remove dust particles and theres no messing about with a liquid solution.


    2 screen protectors included as well so if you do mess up you have another to fall back on.
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