Best Iphone 3gs sim only deal ??? advice please !!!

    Hi Everyone,

    Some advice needed from you good people please.

    I have been lucky enough to pick up a mint unlocked 16gb 3gs
    for silly money, it is unlocked by 02 and running iso4 ???

    Currently i'm with orange on an old pay as you go account which is
    just debited from my bank account monthly, i'm not a big user.. £5 p/month
    because i've always had company phones, until now.. so i'm looking
    for the best sim only deal for.. lots of minutes, don't need many texts
    and i belive some internet just to get the phone working ?

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received ! i realise i have no power
    with orange as i'm not their biggest customer.. lol but i'm open to
    any networks.. except 3 i belive.




    This is what I'm on…ity

    Been on it just over a month. It shows pay-as-you-go and pay monthly.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the quick reply, i'll check it out, i'm not anti a reasonable contract..
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