Best iPhone sim

Hi All

New to this and have just been given a 1st Gen iPhone by my brother!

I am looking for the best O2 sim to put in it - am I right in thinking wi-fi will work (without cost) anyway if I am in a free wi-fi zone?!
Therefore is the 'Online 20' (600mins/1000 texts) with unlimited web bolt on the best simplicity sim to get as if the wi-fi is free then I also need the internet to be free?!!!!!!

Hope that makes sense!!!


Get the 12 month o2 unlimited wi-fi simcard, they go for around 12-15 pound, transfer your number to it and then you can get whatever bolt on suits you, you don't need to top up every month niether for the wi-fi until the 12months expire

The normal sim cards DO NOT include free wifi. If you choose the tariff mentioned then you would pay around £27 for free wifi, minutes and texts. Also allowances increased now.
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