Best iPod Car Adapter product in your opinion?

    Ive been looking to purchase a product that will allow me to play my ipod (4g) songs through my car speakers.

    There doesn't seem to a be a rock solid solution - some say transmitters, others say modulators, then we got Cassette adapters and finally, actual car stereos with direct iPod connections.

    Can any of you guys help me narrow down the hunt for the best most reliable product?

    Most of the online reviews/forum posts date back to 2009. I was hoping there was something newer in the market now.

    I don't mind spending up to £100.



    same here but i got griffin cup holder with aux cable for £10 and done it that way

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    Any suggestions of what Car CD player?

    I've heard about the Griffin products but the number #1 complaint with transmitters is the interference and consistent quality.

    Just make sure the head unit you buy has ipod control, that way you can control the ipod from the head unit.…dio

    Ebay 350319768966 ?

    I use Harman Kardon Drive and Play *********…e23 on E-Bbay for £29.99.
    A bit tricky to fit but allows fingertip i-pod control and the ipod can be hidden in a glovebox.
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